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For Restaurants…

First Class Waiter will train your staff, during any phase of your restaurant operation (pre- or post-opening). Training your staff on proper service techniques, manners and etiquette will save you time and money by giving them the tools to be more efficient. If an individual can multi-task and do the job of three people, for example, your labor costs will be lower.

For individuals…

The First Class Waiter training program will show you how to improve or refine your approach and relationships with customers, and increase your tip income. You will learn about service techniques and increase your bar, food and wine knowledge for work in every day and high-end restaurants. Our curriculum includes written take home materials, audio/visual presentations, role playing and continuous testing by supportive trainers. We also provide individual coaching.

Our waiter training program includes:

  • Importance of appearance and hygiene
  • How to greet customers at the door and tables
  • Being attentive to tables and customers
  • When to and not to speak to customers
  • How to respect unique personalities of customers and turn that uniqueness to your advantage
  • Being aware of the restaurant surroundings; reacting to and anticipating customer needs
  • Working with other staff as an integral part of the team
  • Learning about food and its preparation, liquor and drinks, wine varietals, food and wine pairings
  • How to turn the new found knowledge into saving resources and increasing sales


Restaurant Operations Assessments

First Class Waiter assessments can include anonymous visits to establishments and confidential critiques of staff performance, the menu, ambiance and how well they represent the restaurant, and quality of food and its presentation. We also provide advice on how to enhance restaurant operations to improve efficiencies, customer appreciation, perception and enjoyment. Our reports are either verbal or in writing, depending on the needs.


Restaurant Concept Evaluations

First Class Waiter provides an objective opinion on proposed restaurant financial and business concepts. Our confidential assessment would highlight potential successes and missteps before major investments of time, energy and money are made.


Restaurant Reviews/Critiques

First Class Waiter offers, reviews of restaurants to illustrate good and bad examples of service in establishments that received good to excellent ratings on their food and ambiance by other reviewers.

The following selection of reviews originally appeared in Comstock’s Magazine 2005-2008.

Esquire Grill Restaurant Review

Lucca Restaurant Review

La Provence Restaurant Review

French Laundry Restaurant Review

Charlie Trotter Restaurant Review












“Trotter declared that service is as important as or more important than the food, and that is the first thing a chef has to understand.”

Charlie Trotter
Lessons in Service


“A restaurant cannot be defined by the style of its food alone; it would be nothing without the staff who serve the guests and liaise with the chefs. The waiters are true professionals, steeped in the spirit of elBulli.”

Chef Ferran Andria
Chef-Owner of elBulli
A Day at elBulli