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First Class Waiter is committed to putting the professional back into the waitering profession. Being a professional begins with the basics of mastering the fine points of manners, etiquette and proper service techniques. Mastering these skills instills confidence in the server and ensures front of the house service staff demonstrates respect for the restaurant guests and customers. A healthy/successful “bottom line” is as much about providing excellent service, as preparing the food and designing designing and maintaining the resuarant space.

First Class Waiter’s approach/philosophy is that service staff must be well rounded and trained to present themselves and the restaurant’s food, as well as represent the establishment. We focus on the basics and “upsell” approaches that favor the customer and encourage the guests to return again and again. We leave the details specific to a particular operation, such as location of napkins and condiments, to the restaurant.





“Service in restaurants in Sacramento is sort of spotty…A lot of new places have opened up, but there are just so many servers who have a true understanding of professional service. There’s just a handful (of servers) who aren’t on their way to doing something else…So despite all the progress of the past 20 years, some change still is needed.”

Rich Mahan
Waterboy and One Speed Restaurants