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Waiter Training by First Class Waiter
Giving Restaurants and Staff the Competitive Edge

An integral part of the restaurant experience for the customer is the service provided. Good wait staff will bring in customers and help ensure their return, providing the foundation for success and growth. Poor service will increase the likelihood your restaurant will fail.

Waiter Training is vital to the long term success of your restaurant. Gilbert R. Lagunas provides his expertise to improve your restaurant's operation through consultation and his mastery of service staff training.

First Class Waiter is for:

  • Front of the house restaurant staff (waiters, waitresses, bussers, bartenders, hosts, maitre D’s)
  • Restaurant managers
  • Restaurant owners, investors, financiers
  • Restaurant associations

First Class Waiter helps our clients by:

Training front of the house restaurant staff on manners, etiquette and service techniques. First Class Waiter trains staff to be efficient, well organized, effective, and respectful of guests. Benefits of staff training include:

  • Improving the restaurant experience for customers and increase the value for their money
  • Increasing sales
  • Boosting tips
  • Keeping labor costs down
  • Increasing restaurant revenue

Restaurant operations assessments, including:

  • Quality of service
  • Menu concept/philosophy
  • Food quality
  • Ambiance

Restaurant concept evaluations to address the following:

  • Is the concept appropriate for the location?
  • How well will the restaurant likely attract expected clientele?
  • Will the design facilitate efficient use of space by customers & staff?
  • Does the concept have a high likelihood of success?

Restaurant reviews for customers & public

  • Actual published reviews as examples of reported good & bad service.





“I’ve seen restaurants that are successful mostly based on their service. The food might be mediocre, but they have great relationships with their customers.”

Kery Kassis
Former Owner
Slocum House


70% - 80% of restaurants fail in the first few years, according to the National Restaurant Association.


“70% of surveyors said that service was the most irritating thing about dining in the Bay Area…”

“…Service is not a San Francisco problem, it’s a national problem. It’s the largest problem in the restaurant industry in the 71 cities we cover.”

Zagat Survey 2006 San Francisco/ Bay Area Restaurants